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Ewald Mahr, his compatriot Oscar Barriga, and other players such Miguel Ball and Brian Kaufman were among the notables that attended the previous session.

Our grinder concluded a session with a strong turnout. Not only did he perform well in major events, but he also received his prize.

Ewald SPEWTARD Mahr (cover picture), who placed sixth in the 55 Mini Bounty Builder HR, received US$3,424 as his winnings. Santiago LaPapualda Varela also had a strong showing, earning a total of $4,384 after placing fifth in the Bounty King tournament for $320 and seventh in the Bounty Hunters Big Game competition for $215.

Meanwhile, Miguel Miguel Miguel Ball9 Ball placed third in Bounty Builder 44 and won $2,861 in prize money. Gonzalo GeoGonzalez26 Pingo Rentera won the 11 Mini Fenomeno Special and received $2,681 in prize money. In turn, DannOjeda swept the Bounty Builder 7.50, which earned him $1,638.

Additional prizes:

krend0820: runner-up in The Fast 7 (US$3,261).

Second place in the Bounty Builder 11 for Guadissssss (US$2,998)

Fourth in the Big 109 ($2,313) was Brian kofi89 Kaufman.

Fifth at the GGMasters Classic for $25 or $1,887.

Fifth at the GGMasters Bounty Warm Up for $25 (US$1,816)

Oscar xXROMmMEOXx Barriga: fourth in the Bounty Builder 215 (1,344 US dollars).

Maquinadeuru placed ninth in the High Rollers After Hours with $525 (1,139 USD).


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    This text appears to be a summary of various players’ performances in poker tournaments. It mentions the names of the players, the events they participated in, and their winnings. Overall, it seems to provide an overview of the success and achievements of these players in their respective tournaments.

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