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CEP once again flies solo on national schedule for 17th season

CEP once again flies solo on national schedule for...

The Spanish Poker Championship has announced its 2024 schedule, which includes five important holidays for Catalan casinos.

In principle, the symbiotic relationship between CEP and poker tournaments Estrellas Poker Tour has come to an end, as although the tour was fully managed by Pokerstars, having launched in Madrid at the end of March, it continues to work with Red Spade Room The CEP is recovering from its previous two annual visits. Casino Barcelonalast week.

The focus remains on EPT Barcelona in August, the second annual visit to Barcelona.

Madrid, Malaga and Peralada finalsConcluded for Castellon and Sevilla.

♠️ CEP 2024

We have the official 🗓️calendar🎉

The 17th season of the Spanish Poker Championship is here📆 .

Will you miss it?

This year we are looking for the Spanish Poker Champion…


— CEP Poker (@CEP_Poker) January 29, 2024

Our prediction was wrong. We thought that the introduction of 1A day on the weekend before Estrellas would be perfectly coordinated with the presence of CEP in the same casino, but the opposite is true.

This new roadmap is very much in line with the most classic structure of having a Spanish track director who will not lack opportunities to compare with the results of last season, the most successful in its history.

Main events include a total of 6,206 registrations for 2023, with registrations for the Barcelona mega festival reaching almost 3,000, a CEP record….

CEP once again flies solo on national schedule for...

Win a Moneymaker Poker Tour Package with ACR Poker

Win a Moneymaker Poker Tour Package with ACR Poker

In February, the Moneymaker Poker Tour returns to Florida Beach for the Palm Beach Kennel Club and ACR Poker Come back. Win a complete package worth $3,000, including admission and travel.

This Sunday,4. A major qualifier will be organized in the US region in February at 6:05 PM ET, where 20 tickets to the major event will be distributed. Satellites cost $95, with the winner receiving $2,500 to enter the main event and $500 in travel expenses.

You could win one of the 20 gift packs ACR Poker is giving away this Sunday.

ACR Poker Players also have the opportunity to apply for Moneymaker Poker qualifications to browse the weekly Beast rankings. Additionally, the room is equipped with another satellite that broadcasts every Sunday at 5:05 PM ET. The latter has a $109 buy-in and awards a $1,500 prize that can be used in any of the next three editions of the event.

Win a Moneymaker Poker Tour Package with ACR Poker

Matheus Borsoe takes the podium in a $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR

Matheus Borsoe takes the podium in a $55 Mini Boun...

In the 22nd straight match yesterday, Matheus Borsoe won the $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR by one point. The owner of the account “Mborsoe2” finished second overall with a prize of $9,721. The tournament had 2,614 participants.

Wellington “WellBr20” Montanholi is Brazil’s top performer in the $27 Daily Knockout. He won the gold medal and earned $6,257.

Nelson “Cabeca Rush” junior was beaten in the 25m 5-Hand: $109 NLHE party offer, good for NYS after-party and earned $5,639.

In the $530 Daily Cooldown, “Saeguebom” was the winner of the 20-entry field, earning $5,511.

Finally, Gabriel “Gremio CEM” Medeiros rounded out the podium in the $320 event. Daily Supersonic, take home $5,385.

Matheus Borsoe takes the podium in a $55 Mini Boun...

Dan Almeida’s review of the KSOP GGPoker SA Super High Stakes Tournament

Dan Almeida comments on KSOP GGPoker SA’s R$ 100,0...

One of GGPoker’s professional players, ace Dan Almeida, will be attending the grand KSOP GGPoker South America. The veteran player from Curitiba is seeing Brazilian poker evolve and after playing for over a decade, he will experience his first six-figure buy-in tournament at the country’s event in Rio de Janeiro.

“It’s great that I’ve come this far. I’ve been playing poker since the days when the High Roller cost R$3,000 and the Main Event cost R$1,000. Now we have R$100,000 tournament. This is a very important step for the KSOP and GGPoker in Brazil. We have only had tournaments under 50,000 reais and it took a long time to do so. This first step will make it more common .Almeida said that maybe after a while we will “I will earn 200,000 reais, 250,000 reais.”

KSOP GGPoker also announced the arrival of foreign stars. “Play Savage’s Dan Cates is the biggest star confirmed so far. Italian Mustafa Canit, young Portuguese talent Pedro Neves and Canadian Alex Levene Stondu is suspended. South Americans Damian Salas, Francisco Benítez and Ezequiel Waigel will also feature.

“Players are leaving the world to head to Las Vegas Gass, Barcelona, ​​Prague… This shows that Brazil is starting to enter the circle. “It’s a bit impossible for these guys with six to come to Brazil or our currency is 5 to 1 because the tournament is too cheap for the average player. It’s not worth going all over the world,” said Dan. Such a cheap race to enter. ”

“The starting lineup is now filled with bigger buys, which makes it increasingly worthwhile for these guys to come. It starts to appeal to them,” added the Midas team partner. But what do you do in a R$100,000 tournament? Many players tend to take different approaches when playing with higher buy-ins than usual How to play. Dan has some very simple tips for those who are going to compete.

“You have to compete. If you feel like you’re going to change your decision because it’s too expensive or you’re too stressed out, it’s best not to play. If you play, keep playing the game you are playing. Don’t try to invent anything because this is a tournament with a prize of 100,000 reais and it doesn’t involve playing loose or tight. It’s about playing the way you’re used to playing.

The star has yet to make a final decision on whether to participate in the R$100,000 Super High Roller. He wanted to wait a while before assessing the situation for players, but he praised one of the circuit’s innovations: “The KSOP has managed to significantly improve the situation for ordinary players by reducing commissions for high rollers.” This created More incentive to play,” says the man from Paraná. Super high rollers get 5% rake.

Dan Almeida comments on KSOP GGPoker SA’s R$ 100,0...

Spin vs. Spin Gold: Here’s How It Can Change Your Life

Spin vs. Spin Gold: Here's How It Can Change Your...

At GGPoker they are looking for the best way to get more and more players involved in daily activities. Tournaments, cash games, and other formats are included so that every user is looking for the best way to have fun, such as spins and spins. Gold Level.

This version allows players to join a poker table starting from $0.25 and earn 100,000x more winnings. Therefore, you canwin up to $1 million on a $10 bet.

Additionally, the room has added a 6-Max format, so you can choose between 3-Max

or this new version. The more you play, the more points you earn, and you can share in the $50,000 daily bonus as shown below.

Spin vs. Spin Gold: Here's How It Can Change Your...

Mateus Carrión and Henrique Zanetti confirmed for day four of WPT World Championship

Mateus Carrión and Henrique Zanetti confirmed for...

Brazil remains in contention for the World Cup, the largest event in WPT history. Mateus Carrión stayed close to the leader and ended Day 3 with 5,300,000 in chips, ranking 12th out of 132 qualifiers.

Henrique Zanaetti is also above the championship average with 2,905,303 points. Once he returns to the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas, he will have 2,950,000 chips to work with.

At the end of the third day, the two said goodbye to compatriot João Simão. The Belo Horizonte pro finished in 222nd place and won $25,500.

Meanwhile, Naj Ajez took the lead with just minutes remaining. According to official reports, he raised 25,000/50,000 from the blind position and BB-anteed the small blind to 250,000. Big Maxime Chilaud then raised to 810,000. Ajez moved all-in for 5,605,000 without a second thought. Chilaud called and showed Q ♦Q♣. With A♠K♦, Ajez was saved by J♣8♥3♠K♠J♥ and took home a pot of 225 BBS.

The 132 qualifiers will return at 5:00pm (BST). Their positions are back. . Blinds are 30,000/60,000, BB stakes, and there are 5 90 minute levels. You can watch a broadcast of the cards shown on WPT YouTube .

Mateus Carrión and Henrique Zanetti confirmed for...

kakov_vzdor won the Winamax Battle Royale and won €8,155

kakov_vzdor won the Winamax Battle Royale and won...

Yesterday’s regular tournament was the focus of Winamax .fres. A total of 25tournaments were organized throughout Thursday in the French region, with 5-figure prizes and 528,000 euros distributed. Prizes. kakov_vzdor was the best player of the day.

kakov_vzdor won the biggest prize of the day

Three games offered prizes worth over €7,000 to the winners.

“kakov_vzdor” won 200 euros in Battle Royale and won the biggest prize of the day: 8 euros,155. 88 .

“OursPolar” cost 7 euros,045,brought home 78, thanks to him for prime time50 euros victory.

And ” N .Barella” won the HighRoller€250 and received EUR 7,192. 46.

kakov_vzdor won the Winamax Battle Royale and won...

Mero wins Enjoy Poker Tour seniors event

Mero wins Enjoy Poker Tour seniors event

While Brian Kaufman celebrated his win in the ACR Poker Main Event, there was a lot going on on the Enjoy Poker Tour at the same time. Because while the main events held at the Enjoy Punta del Este bring big events, such as the Gran Final Millonaria, the simultaneous championships also ensure big events.

One of the most anticipated, especially with over 45 players, was the Seniros tournament which had a guaranteed prize of $100,000 but ended up paying out almost twice that. The biggest share was taken by Alexandre Mello, who won $45,465 from a field of 185 entrants.

Senior Final Table in Punta del Este,

In heads-up play , the Brazilian defeated Rolando Soria, who took home $31,020. Another Argentine, Rafael Saul, finished third with $18,395.

In Definition, there are several regulars from the Enjoy Punta del Este tournament, such as Néstor Jacoubian, including Francisco de Belastegui and Marcelo Alboyer.

Event #17 NLH Seniors US$100K GTD – Enjoy the Poker Journey

Buy-in: US$1,100Number of entries: 185

Jackpot: $179,450

Final ranking

1. Alexandre Merlot – $45,4652. Rolando Soria – $31,0203rd PlaceRafael Saul – $18,3954. Nestor’s Jacobian – $11,1905°Leonardo Ellenberger – $8,6406.Francisco De Beláustegui – $7,1607°Fernando Mazzeo – $6,1008°Marcelo Alboyer – $5,3209°Juan Echenique – $4,56510.Carlos Peffry – $3,93011.Adrian Ferreira – $3,93012.Paul Souza – $3,93013°Facundo Trigueiro – $3,32014. Sebastian Strata – $3,32015.Gonzalo Perez – $3,32016°Emiliano Guido – $2,75517.Julio Rangel – $2,75518°Ariel Ackerman – $2,75519°Favio Gandelman – $2,20020°Oscar Caniglia – $2,20021°Fernando Sanpietro – $2,20022°Enrique Teichera – $1,66023°Mario Niceforo – $1,66024° Gerardo Ruzo – $1,660

Mero wins Enjoy Poker Tour seniors event

GTO DONK Leads GGMillion$ FT in Battle for Bi

GTO DONK Leads GGMillion$ FT in Battle for Bi

Nicknames have changed, but GGMillion$ still has an enviable track record. On Sunday night, Brazil’s “GTO DONK” confirmed he will be at another final table of the online high roller mainstay. He lashed out after a statement to the Financial Times. CL has 2,818,658 chips, 19 BBS more than Russia’s Artur Martirosian (2,252,661), a pro aiming for an unprecedented seven-time title.

“GTO DONK” won GGMillion$ in late April when he was nicknamed “Melbi Lau”. As the sixth player in the country to finish on the podium, he added $329,282 to the bankroll. If he wins again, the mystery grinder will pocket an additional $252,073.

Denis Ramos is also close to returning to the final. He took home $21,673 for finishing 13th. As a farewell, the Limeira player called Martirosian’s 4-bet all-in and turned up A♣Q♣. With A♥K♣, the European is not surprised that J♥6 4♠5 7 ♦ is marginal.

The “Spurs” in turn landed on the FT bubble. After the board came 7♠4♥8⁄A♥, he bet almost half his stack and then moved all-in with “GTO DONK”. The Canadian lost on the K River with 7♣4♣ against A♠K♠. Overall, tenth brought him $27,238.

The GGMillion$ decision will be made on Tuesday the 8th at 3pm (BST) with blinds of 15,000/30,000 and an ante of 3,500.

Number of Chips

1. “GTO DONK” (Brazil) 2,818,658

2. Artur Martirosian (Russia) 2,252,661

3. “MagicDonald” (Cyprus) 1,592,364

4. “Lucky Ming” (China) 1,146,762

5. Chris Klodnicki (USA) 1,105,412

6. Andriy Novak (Ukraine) 1,090,894

7. Vicente Delgado (Spain) 921.186

8. Nikita Kuznetsov (Russia) 671.188

9. Leon Sturm (Germany) 473,845


1. $252,073

2. $196,859

3. $153,738

4. $120,063

5. $93,764

6. $73,226

7. $57,186

8. $44,660

9. $34,877

GTO DONK Leads GGMillion$ FT in Battle for Bi

Mariano made $788,024 playing high-stakes poker.

Mariano made $788,024 playing high-stakes poker.

High Stakes Poker at Hustler Casino Live is a live, deep-stack cash game with renowned poker experts.

Last night will be remembered as one of the CCTV series One of the days, the lucky protagonist is Argentinian/American 🇦 🇷 🇺🇸 Mariano Grandori.

This is a one-on-one – in AA is added In the case of betting, DOUBLE M KK and YANK got another pair of kings. But even better: let’s take a step-by-step look at what happened in this incredible hand that created a $788,000 pot.

Wow! ! ! This happens! ! !

Is this the craziest bet you’ve ever made? Hand over poker history? !?!?

AA vs KK vs KK – Pot Value $788,000

– Hustler Casino Live (@HCLPokerShow) March 25, 2023

About Mariano

Mariano Grandoli is a professional poker player who specializes in live, high-stakes poker. He is a vlogger and has a YouTube channel where he shares live cash game sessions while wandering the American West. His family is Argentinian, but he is a naturalized citizen and has lived in the United States since he was a child.


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Mariano made $788,024 playing high-stakes poker.

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