Brand new book from EvenBet Gaming

EvenBet Gaming has released a new book called 10 M...

Poker software maker EvenBet Gaming has released a new book. This will be helpful to anyone dreaming of their own virtual meeting place. Titled “10 Top Mistakes to Avoid Before Opening an Online Poker Room,” this book is a must-read for anyone looking to start their own virtual poker club.

This book draws on the author’s company’s 15 years of experience in launching poker services in multiple countries. It lays the foundation for starting a successful business, which is a major source of future profits.

This book also contains comprehensive advice on how to solve the most common problems faced by poker room owners. Some of the most basic parts are:

Make the best decisions for your space’s business plan.

Determine how to maintain harmony and follow rules and regulations.

Build a reliable facilities management team.

Create the framework for a successful marketing campaign.

This book also contains detailed explanations and content that address many other common questions players face when entering a career in poker. The rise of mobile and club apps as new alternatives to traditional poker rooms is also detailed.

“Currently, fledgling operators have little direction.” On his way to starting a poker company. If you have little experience in the industry, implementation can be difficult. “We often find the same basic mistakes that lead to low-quality end results,” EvenBet Gaming CEO Dmitry Starostenkov said at the time of the book’s launch.

EvenBet Gaming has released a new book called 10 M...

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