Dan Almeida’s review of the KSOP GGPoker SA Super High Stakes Tournament

Dan Almeida comments on KSOP GGPoker SA’s R$ 100,0...

One of GGPoker’s professional players, ace Dan Almeida, will be attending the grand KSOP GGPoker South America. The veteran player from Curitiba is seeing Brazilian poker evolve and after playing for over a decade, he will experience his first six-figure buy-in tournament at the country’s event in Rio de Janeiro.

“It’s great that I’ve come this far. I’ve been playing poker since the days when the High Roller cost R$3,000 and the Main Event cost R$1,000. Now we have R$100,000 tournament. This is a very important step for the KSOP and GGPoker in Brazil. We have only had tournaments under 50,000 reais and it took a long time to do so. This first step will make it more common .Almeida said that maybe after a while we will “I will earn 200,000 reais, 250,000 reais.”

KSOP GGPoker also announced the arrival of foreign stars. “Play Savage’s Dan Cates is the biggest star confirmed so far. Italian Mustafa Canit, young Portuguese talent Pedro Neves and Canadian Alex Levene Stondu is suspended. South Americans Damian Salas, Francisco Benítez and Ezequiel Waigel will also feature.

“Players are leaving the world to head to Las Vegas Gass, Barcelona, ​​Prague… This shows that Brazil is starting to enter the circle. “It’s a bit impossible for these guys with six to come to Brazil or our currency is 5 to 1 because the tournament is too cheap for the average player. It’s not worth going all over the world,” said Dan. Such a cheap race to enter. ”

“The starting lineup is now filled with bigger buys, which makes it increasingly worthwhile for these guys to come. It starts to appeal to them,” added the Midas team partner. But what do you do in a R$100,000 tournament? Many players tend to take different approaches when playing with higher buy-ins than usual How to play. Dan has some very simple tips for those who are going to compete.

“You have to compete. If you feel like you’re going to change your decision because it’s too expensive or you’re too stressed out, it’s best not to play. If you play, keep playing the game you are playing. Don’t try to invent anything because this is a tournament with a prize of 100,000 reais and it doesn’t involve playing loose or tight. It’s about playing the way you’re used to playing.

The star has yet to make a final decision on whether to participate in the R$100,000 Super High Roller. He wanted to wait a while before assessing the situation for players, but he praised one of the circuit’s innovations: “The KSOP has managed to significantly improve the situation for ordinary players by reducing commissions for high rollers.” This created More incentive to play,” says the man from Paraná. Super high rollers get 5% rake.

Dan Almeida comments on KSOP GGPoker SA’s R$ 100,0...


  • The text discusses the growth of poker in Brazil, with GGPoker’s professional player Dan Almeida attending the country’s first six-figure buy-in tournament. Almeida believes that the higher buy-in tournaments will attract foreign players and that it is important for players to stick to their usual playing style in these high-stakes games.

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