Dennys Ramos Finishes Eighth in the Mega Millions for $247,000

Returning to the Mega Millions tiebreaker after a nearly year-long hiatus, grinder Dennys Ramos dropped out of the title fight earlier than he had hoped. He beat eight for $247,619, just over $1.2 million.

Dennis started the FT with 41 BBS, the fourth-biggest chip. Soon he lost more than half of his chips and fell to the bottom two. Still far behind the leaders, the Brazilian watched as Leon “Rumuku!us” Sturm made a miraculous rescue. The German dominated with 9♠9♥ against Valery “neverodd” Savov’s Q♠Q♦, and the German hit the river with a 9♣ straight. Juan Pardo scored nine at the end of the game, making Savov’s debacle even more painful.

Bulgarians have no time to mourn. Next, he was all-in again pre-flop. When A♣10♠ took on short-stack Gediminas Uselis’ A♠8♦, Savov wasn’t surprised by the K♥9♣3♣A♦ advantage and locked in the Lithuanian’s downfall.

The action on the table was intense. Joakim Andersson announced a 3-bet all-in with A♣A♠ and was called by Sturm with 7♣7♣. The advantage of K♦K♣Q♣3♥4♣ didn’t change things and the Swede doubled up.

Anderson didn’t stop there. In the first event of the next level, he found A?K♥ and announced a minimum raise to 1,000,000. Dennys then three-bet to 4,000,000, leaving 4,208,728. Making another move, Anderson pushed his chips into the center of the table and got an instant call. With A♠Q♥, Dennys has no chance at all on 7♠2♥2♦A♥8♠.

Verified by the GGWF, the Mega Millions recorded 1,107 entrants for $10,300 in prize money and the field fired a guaranteed $10,000,000. See how much the finalists won:

1. Leon “Rumuku!us” Sturm (Germany) $1,518,400

2. Juan Pardo (Spain) $1,171,144

3. Samuel Vousden (Finland) $903,485

4. Ravid Garbi (Israel) $697,093

5. Joakim Andersson (Sweden) $537,943

6. “VeryMerry” (Mexico) $415,221

7. Valery “neverodd” Savov (Bulgaria) $320,589

8. Denis Ramos (Brazil) $247,619

9. Gediminas Uselis (Lithuania) $191,350


  • This text appears to be a summary or report of a Mega Millions tiebreaker poker tournament, highlighting key moments and the final rankings of the participants. It provides information on the chip counts, notable hands, and the prize money awarded to each finalist.

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