Don’t miss the new date of the GGPoker Latam League

Don’t miss the next Latam League date on GGPoker.

A fresh date of the monthly regional league of the market’s most prestigious poker room is being played. Follow everything on our Twitch channel, and don’t miss out on the opportunity to win $250!

On Wednesday, a new GGPoker Latam League event will be held. All players in the area will be able to participate in this tournament, which provides the opportunity to create a substantial bankroll for free.

Mati Terrana will stream it on CodigoPoker’s Twitch channel.

At 19:00 21:00 (control local time), there will be a freeroll with $250 in prizes. The top 25 finishers in this competition will earn points toward the overall rankings. The weekly prize pool of T$1,000 will be divided among those who accumulate the highest points on Wednesdays.

As usual, each event will be streamed through our TWITCH CHANNEL, and Matias Terrana will be in charge of a very entertaining broadcast. Although this is a private competition, you may get the password from our Discord.

If you don’t already have a GGPoker account, you may create one immediately using this link.

Tips to succeed on every date:

1st: 100 points

2°: 90

3°: 80

4°: 70

5°: 60

6°: 50

7°: 45

8°: 40

9°: 35

10° – 19°: 30

20°: 25

These awards will go to the top finishers:

1. T$155

2. T$100

3. T$90 4. T$80 5. T$70 6. T$60 7. T$50 8. T$40 9. T$30

10° – 19°: T$25

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