Fabiano Kovalski leads Brazil to GGWF Mega Millions

Superstar Fabiano Kovalski will make his fourth career appearance in the Mega Millions final. He is the only Brazilian remaining at the ITM this Sunday, finishing 14th in the ITM, and he finished the first day with 17 BBS, third of the nine finalists.

The leader is Pavel Plesuv. In the FT bubble, the Romanians took the lead after sending home Jon Van Fleet. On 9♦7♥Q♥7♦6♣, Plesuv pushed his chips into the middle of the table and watched as the American called with Q♣4♣. “EzzzGame” took the pot with 7♠4♠ and the game was over.

Like Kovalski, Plesuv is chasing his first High Roller title. Ognyan Dimov is fighting for his third and Benjamin Rolle is fighting for his second.

At the GGPoker World Gala, Super Million$ reached a $2,000,000 guarantee after 228 entries. Play will resume on Tuesday the 16th at 3pm (Brasilia time) with blinds 30,000/60,000 and an ante of 7,500.

Number of chips:

1. Pavel “EzzzGame” Plesuv (Romania) 4,935,297

2. Kannapong “Sakooh” Thanarattrakul (Thailand) 4,060,461

3. Ognyan Dimov (Bulgaria) 3,660,333

4 .Benjamin Rohr (Germany) 3,109,302

5. Jans Arends (Netherlands) 2,703,601

6. Andrei “Herr Dobermann” Nikonorov (Russia) 1,160,174

7. Fabiano “Philbort” Kovalski (Brazil) 1,070,940

8. “SoyBoyCuck” (Macau) 1,055,392

9. Theo Arnoldi (Denmark) 1,044,500


1. $460,973

2. $355,458

3. $274,096

4. $211,357

5. $162,978

6. $125,673

7. $96,907

8. $74,726

9. $57,621


  • This text provides information about the Mega Millions final and the current standings of the players involved. It highlights the achievements of Fabiano Kovalski and Pavel Plesuv, the leaders of the tournament, and also mentions the chip counts and potential winnings for each player.

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