Fernando Araújo defends his title in Brasilia as a two-time BSOP champion and wins R$305,000

Fernando Araújo is from the state of Santa Catarina and lives in the state of Espírito Santo. He still has another city to call home. Tonight, he deftly defended his Brasília BSOP title, becoming only the second man to win the Main Event twice. In addition to the silver bracelet, he was awarded R$ 305,100.

Fernando opened the final table ahead and never worried. With his consistent stack, he entered heads-up with just three hands to beat Rio de Janeiro’s Roberto Corrêa. The final hand was as follows:

With 150,000/300,000 blinds and BB antes, Fernando moved all-in and Roberto simply checked. The flop came 10♥Q♠9♣ and Fernando bet 300,000. After Roberto checked and called, Delaer flipped the K♣ turn. Fernando then put 900,000 in the middle of the table and watched his opponent check-raise to 2,000,000. Fernando calls to see the Q♥ River. Roberto showed 6,125,000 and moved all-in. Fernando instacalls the other way and shows a straight with J♠4♥. Roberto lost his entire stack with K♥2♣.

Also on the podium was Caroline Dapousa. After battling Fernando for most of the FT, she lost momentum and fell behind in the three-way match. With a short stack, she three-bet and was called by Roberto. Caroline beat A♣Q♠ with A♣3♠ and had no chance at 5♣Q♣A♠5♦8♦.

The main event registered 685 participants worth R$ 3,000, exceeding the guarantee deposit of R$ 3,000,000 and distributed R$ 1,611,120 to 103 participants. See how much each finalist has won:

1. Fernando Araujo (Victoria – ES) R$305,100

2. Roberto Correa (Rio de Janeiro – RJ) 186,700 reals

3. Caroline Dapousa (Santos – SP) R$133,500

4. Misael Becker (Querencia – Montana) 101,000 reals

5. Leonardo Pires (Belo Horizonte – MG) R$80,400

6. Felipe Pantoja (Curitiba-PR) R$61,700

7. Marcelo Giordano (São Paulo-São Paulo) R$44,600

8. Marcus Vinicius Borges (Brasilia – DF) R$ 30,450

9. Thomas Rieth (Brasilia, Brazil) $24,200


  • This text provides information about Fernando Araújo winning the Main Event twice in the Brasília BSOP tournament. It also mentions the other finalists and the amounts they won. Overall, it seems like a detailed report on the event and its participants.

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