GGPoker-sponsored tournaments relocate to Brasilia, Rio, and São Paulo.

Real and online interactions are closer than people believe. Using satellites, Brazilians may qualify on the felts of GGPoker, the biggest poker site on the world, for numerous regional circuits in the nation. To locate the qualifying events, just go to the GGLIVE tab.

This month, three classic live music events supported by the website will travel to Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, and So Paulo, respectively. Check into them:


FSOP will be accessible to individuals who transit through the nation’s capital until March 22. The conflict in the cerrado (savannah) will intensify in the Main Event, a tournament with a buy-in of R$1,000 that will award at least R$400,000 in prizes. Among the other scheduled events, the two high-stakes tournaments and the Progressive PLO KO stand out.


From January to December, The Beautiful City breathes poker. The action will focus on the felts of the standard CCTH for the following week. The traditional championship provides a fixed prize fund of R$375,000 for the season opener. The majority of the money will be wagered in the Main Event. Players will have the opportunity to compete for a prize pool of R$150,000 for just R$650. Also, the side events are really promising, particularly the Mystery Bounty K.O.

Maxx Poker

GGPoker is now the country’s largest poker club. The announcement has increased poker enthusiasts’ anticipation for the return of the Maxx Poker Series. From March 24 to April 2, the event aims to take over the nation’s largest metropolis. The Main Event will be played in a new Mystery Bounty style. The competition will feature a prize pool of at least R$1 million with an entrance fee of R$1,150.


The action will be concentrated in the south of the nation next month. The Gaucho de Poker comes on the road and travels to Passo Fundo between April 12 and April 17 for a million-dollar stage. The buy-in for the Main Event is R$530, and R$300,000 is guaranteed. Featuring Welcome GGPoker, Freezeout, High Roller, MonsterStack, Mystery Bounty, and No Breaks events, the circuit has everything necessary to surpass the R$ 1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool.

Eventually, the KSOP GGPoker Special returns to create history in Balneário Cambori. The event is scheduled to begin on April 20 with a R$15 million guarantee, and satellites are already in full swing.


  • This text highlights the close connection between real and online interactions through the platform GGPoker, allowing Brazilians to qualify for regional poker circuits in the country. It also mentions upcoming live music events supported by the website in different cities, offering various poker tournaments with significant prize pools and guarantees.

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