Giant Bounty Jackpot has been wagered on once again at PokerOK.

Last week, PokerOK held its first $1,000,000 Mega Bounty Jackpot tournament of the year. Historically, it given to a player whose results were unfavorable, but who was able to turn them positive in a single match.

The Mega Bounty Jackpot was also awarded for the first time in an Omaha tournament, the $150 buy-in WSOPC Series PLO Bounty Main Event. A poker player with the alias Alin76poker represented Romania.

On the flip, the potential billionaire with two pair stopped his opponent’s all-in attempt with no hesitation. After a fantastic $26,183 Bounty Jackpot trick, the Romanian player finished up with $1,000,000 after facing the straight on the following streets.

Alin76poker earned an additional $1,272 in the event, increasing his total winnings to $1,001,272. This is the first million-dollar prize of 2023, but it was won many times in the preceding year.

The fortunate jackpot winner of Alin76poker’s less than 700 events on PokerOK has cashed for $42,000. Today, his schedule has improved because of one hand.

Bounty Jackpot is compatible with almost all knockout reward tables. The exception to this rule is during Mystery Bounty events, when players might get amazing knockouts of unknown origin. The prize amounts are $10,000, $100,000, and $1,000,000, depending on the buy-in. And the largest fish is catchable in competitions beginning at $32.

Meanwhile, the Spring “ring” series of the WSOP Circuit continues on PokerOK. Half of the title events with gold rings on the line and the Main Event with a $5,000,000 guarantee remain on the calendar. There are hundreds of daily satellites before it, enabling you to get a ticket for a few bucks.


  • This text provides information about the recent $1,000,000 Mega Bounty Jackpot tournament held by PokerOK, where a Romanian player named Alin76poker emerged as the winner and took home a total prize of $1,001,272. The text also mentions ongoing events such as the WSOP Circuit and daily satellites for players to participate and potentially win tickets at lower costs.

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