GTO DONK Leads GGMillion$ FT in Battle for Bi

GTO DONK Leads GGMillion$ FT in Battle for Bi

Nicknames have changed, but GGMillion$ still has an enviable track record. On Sunday night, Brazil’s “GTO DONK” confirmed he will be at another final table of the online high roller mainstay. He lashed out after a statement to the Financial Times. CL has 2,818,658 chips, 19 BBS more than Russia’s Artur Martirosian (2,252,661), a pro aiming for an unprecedented seven-time title.

“GTO DONK” won GGMillion$ in late April when he was nicknamed “Melbi Lau”. As the sixth player in the country to finish on the podium, he added $329,282 to the bankroll. If he wins again, the mystery grinder will pocket an additional $252,073.

Denis Ramos is also close to returning to the final. He took home $21,673 for finishing 13th. As a farewell, the Limeira player called Martirosian’s 4-bet all-in and turned up A♣Q♣. With A♥K♣, the European is not surprised that J♥6 4♠5 7 ♦ is marginal.

The “Spurs” in turn landed on the FT bubble. After the board came 7♠4♥8⁄A♥, he bet almost half his stack and then moved all-in with “GTO DONK”. The Canadian lost on the K River with 7♣4♣ against A♠K♠. Overall, tenth brought him $27,238.

The GGMillion$ decision will be made on Tuesday the 8th at 3pm (BST) with blinds of 15,000/30,000 and an ante of 3,500.

Number of Chips

1. “GTO DONK” (Brazil) 2,818,658

2. Artur Martirosian (Russia) 2,252,661

3. “MagicDonald” (Cyprus) 1,592,364

4. “Lucky Ming” (China) 1,146,762

5. Chris Klodnicki (USA) 1,105,412

6. Andriy Novak (Ukraine) 1,090,894

7. Vicente Delgado (Spain) 921.186

8. Nikita Kuznetsov (Russia) 671.188

9. Leon Sturm (Germany) 473,845


1. $252,073

2. $196,859

3. $153,738

4. $120,063

5. $93,764

6. $73,226

7. $57,186

8. $44,660

9. $34,877

GTO DONK Leads GGMillion$ FT in Battle for Bi


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