Huge celebrations were held for Jorge González at Dreams in Valdivia.

At Dreams, Jorge Gonzalez had a huge party. The Express gathering in Valdivia, the “Pearl of the South,” was back and better than ever, drawing a full house.

In Dreams Valdivi, Jorge Gonzalez had a huge party.

Valdivia, a lovely city in southern Chile, has emerged as the country’s live poker capital. The Pearl of the South has emerged as a mecca for poker enthusiasts, with a rising number of dedicated players and an increasing number of live events. Jose Gómez

The Casino Dreams Valdivia has been in the forefront of this movement, pioneering the hosting of lucrative tournaments for many years. Although though the Dreams Poker Tour is no longer active, the numerous stops it made along the banks of the Callecalle River will live on in the minds of poker players throughout the world as a reminder of the great poker and welcoming environment they experienced there.

The second-place finisher was Hernan Gallegos.

Rivers, lakes, and natural parks provide guests with a tranquil and pleasant atmosphere away from the action should they need a break from the game.

A brand new event was held this past weekend in these areas, and it was a huge success in both respects.

There were 63 total entrants in the CL$100,000 Dreams Poker Express tournament, including 39 returning players and 58 new entrants. The winning entries were…

Number One: Jorge González, CL$4.032,000

#2 Hernan Gallegos, CL$2,721,600

Third place: CL$1,785,600 to Carlos Jara

Fourth Place: Medina (Christian) – CL$1,339,200

Andres Vega, 5th Place, CL$1,008,000

Sixth-place Alvaro Vidal: CL$806,400

Alexis Manquehual, 7th place, CL$662,400

8th place: Ricardo Venegas, CL$532.800

Number Nine: Jonatan Oyarzn, CL$432,000

Tenth Place: Marco Valeria (C$360.000)

Eleventh place, Cristian Espinoza, CL$360.000.

Number Twelve, Daniel Alvarez: CL$360.000

Valdivia’s live poker tournament promoters are working to grow the player pool in the hopes of making the city a more permanent fixture on the Chilean and regional poker circuit. With an expanding schedule of tournaments and events, Valdivia is a great choice for gamblers who want to have fun without worrying about their safety.

When does Dreams next host a tournament? After the May 26-27 “Aces of Patagonia” event in Punta Arenas, the next confirmed dates are April 29 in Temuco. We will update you as soon as we receive more information about pricing and payment plans.


  • This text provides information about a poker tournament held in Valdivia, Chile, highlighting the success of the event and the growing popularity of poker in the region. It also mentions upcoming tournaments hosted by Dreams in different locations in Chile.

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