In one week, Polk lost $700,000 on two failed bluffs

In one week, Polk lost $700,000 on two failed bluf...

On the fourth and final day of the $1 million buy-in cash game at Hustler Casino Live, Doug Polk delivered one of the most memorable hands in poker history live, He was Tom Dewan. Polk couldn’t have won the $291,000 pot without bluffing, but he refused to give up on the former online poker star and bet $420,000, leaving him with around $550,000.

There’s no improbable situation Dwan’s way of folding because he’s only concerned with a K or maybe a 6. He was lost in thought again and finally decided to call. The first failed bluff cost Polk over $500,000, but the second was very different as it occurred during a WSOP tournament rather than a cash game.

Both players hit the river with a 9, no progress for any player. Knowing that High Queen was unlikely to win at showdown, the heads-up player considered by many to be the best in the world put Khun’ to the test with his 2.34 million chips.

After much deliberation, Khun called with third pair and won the decisive hand of the showdown. His stack rose to 7.1 million, while Polk dropped to just under 2.5 million, or about 15 big blinds. Shortly thereafter, Khun secured his first WSOP bracelet and declined Polk’s fourth.

While Polk didn’t officially lose the game after his bluff failed, it sent him deep into the abyss of untouchability. While one could argue that if he hadn’t lost so many chips to bluffs, there would never have been a guarantee that he would have won the bracelet, Polk has collected roughly $700,000 from these two this week Bluff failed. Missed it.

In one week, Polk lost $700,000 on two failed bluf...


  • This text describes a poker game between Doug Polk and Tom Dewan, where Polk attempts a bluff but fails, losing a significant amount of money. Despite this loss, Polk has still collected around $700,000 overall from these two bluffs.

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