Jennifer Tilly had a dismal cooler for US$357K

Jennifer Tilly had a $357K cooler for US$357K

Incredible hands Jennifer Tilly bought a gloomy cooler for $357,000. In episode 11 of High Stakes Poker, a player loses to JRB with a hand she can’t fold.

Jennifer Tilly Scores a Cool Dress for $357,000

High Stakes Poker Season 10, Episode 11 airs this week on PokerGO with the same cast as the previous episode. On this occasion , Jean-Robert Bellande Already an Aces magnet , and now other players like Daniel Negreanu , Andreas Roble , Jennifer Tilly , Deng Xiaoping , Cai Likangand Eric Persson See action.

Although the show is actually a $200/$400 NLH cash game, all players agree to a mandatory $800 straddle.

This is how the story begins

The most famous hand of the night was Jennifer Tilly . While listening to poker stories like Tom Dwan losing a $9 million pot , JRB opening to $3,000 with KK, Tang calling MP with QJ, and Persson calling 75 in the CO. Q5 and Tilly raises AK from the SB for US$32,000.

The action returned to Bellande, who asked the Queen how many chips he had left. After replying, he re-raised to $78,000: Everyone folded until the players returned and he decided to go all-in for another $50,000.

JRB called immediately and they all agreed to fold twice for $357,000 in the pot. In the first , there is no problem with the king, and in the second, not so much .

“It’s sad,” Tilly said , throwing chips at the JRB’s seat. “Can I go home or reload?” she asked aloud. In the end, he decided to buy himself back for another $100,000.

Chapter 12 of season 10 will be available next week via PokerGO’s paid platform, with a special edition premiere a few days later next week.

Jennifer Tilly had a $357K cooler for US$357K


  • This text discusses a high-stakes poker game where Jennifer Tilly buys a cooler for $357,000 and loses a hand to Jean-Robert Bellande. Despite the loss, Tilly decides to buy back into the game for another $100,000. The text also mentions other notable players in the game and provides information about the show’s airing schedule.

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