Juan Pardo ended up winning his favorite tournament, the GG Million$ (first place, $262,938).

Juan Pardo ended up winning his favorite tournamen...

Juan Pardo cleared the thorn in his heart at least a dozen final tables and won GGMillion$ from the Asian operator.

Despite the lingering disappointment at the crucial moment, the Pre-Mega Millions is where Juan has had great success, such as winning the largest payout in our online poker history.

During the tournament live stream hosted by GGPoker, we saw some impressive stats about Juan’s career in space and tournaments.

The player from Malaga just got this Summer’s winnings more than $15 million in GGPoker, more specifically, he invested 70 shares worth $10,000 in GGPoker in the past two years , earning more than $2.5 million in returns.

The missing cherry on top of this remarkable infographic is his hard-earned victory, and ultimately not without pain.

Juan played very well in the FT, the defeat helped things, but mostly everything – and then called, almost half of his chips went to his future opponent at HU, Jans Arends.

The worries didn’t last long as Tony Lin and super chip leader “Picasso89” went down three short stacks while Juan went KK against TT way to double the latter.

The chip bet helped pass the time as Arends knocked out Daniel Smiljkovic via KK against Picasso89’s AA by Matthew Stumpf . Despite finishing last, Juan made it into the quad with 30BB and everything to play with.

Serbian Milos Petakovic, whose real name is Milos Petakovic Picasso89 was eventually defeated by Arends after a poor 4-hand match where Arends attempted to A 3-bet Q7 bluff against Juan’s AQ is prevented. The Spaniard flopped low and Petakovic checked the next two streets, giving up his hand.

Then, Juan held AK and moved all-in against Tony Lin’s AJ. With those two hands, he has a comfortable lead in the tournament.

ICM called on Juan and Milos to form an alliance and wait for Ahrendz to be eliminated, but neither got an easy hand, paying all for Holland -ins and Picasso89 ended up in the street In a big blind fight, Juan raised to 3.5bb in the third quarter.

Petkovic defended his A7 and called the subsequent 245, a flop that gave Juan a straight draw. The most perfect card on the turn was the falling ace, which Juan attacked hard. The river made a spade flush, but it was also a very bluffing card for the Spaniard’s point advantage, so the Malaga player moved all-in and Petakovic took the bait.

The HU was when Arends called Juan’s straight all-in with Q9 on J3, a pattern that could have been extended but the flop came again with a 3.

Juan Pardo ended up winning his favorite tournamen...

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