KSOP GGPoker: Victor Leão Goes Superstitious All-In to Win

KSOP GGPoker Premium: Victor Leão borrows his oppo...

Many poker players like to adhere to certain superstitions in order to end up with better luck. It could be a special protection card, a lucky outfit, or even another item. Also, some moves have become popular when it comes to all-in moves, and Victor Leão knows exactly how to use one of them.

He ended up doubling one of the moves around the HR Light bubble when he was short-stacked and lost four times of the same type to Elias Neto. Kedo found himself all-in pre-flop again and was now the shortest stacked player. Despite leading the all-in, he didn’t want to succumb to bad luck and made the most traditional gesture: flipping the backpack on his back.

But there is one detail: Victor doesn’t have a backpack . Knowing how “important” the use of this tactic is, he took Bruno Porto’s backpack next to him and immediately put it on his back. Holding AQ against Lázaro Miranda’s AJ, the board confirmed Leão’s preference by showing TK277.

He won the kicker, progressed through the tournament and won the ITM for the R$4,000 -Competition, which doubled his investment. He quickly put the bag back in its place and it was only then that Bruno Porto realized it was his bag that “did the job” for Victor, prompting plenty of laughter.

KSOP GGPoker Premium: Victor Leão borrows his oppo...


  • This text describes how some poker players believe in superstitions and use lucky items or gestures to improve their luck. Victor Leão borrowed a backpack from Bruno Porto during a game and ended up winning the tournament, causing amusement and laughter among the players.

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