Luciano Hollanda loses to 43° and FT in GGWF’s 89-H event

Russian “Kris_Petrova” is a thorn in the side of the Brazilians at the GGPoker World Gala. He defeated Fabiano Kovalski and Pablo Brito in Event 62-H, and ended Luciano Hollanda’s journey in Event 89-H: $525 Bounty Hunter Main Event. Hollanda finished fifth, adding $43,666 to his bankroll.

With 65% of the chips in the game isolated at the top, “Kris_Petrova” abused his aggressiveness to get as much bounty as possible. He moved all-in with 4♦3♣ and was called by Luciano, who had 14 BBS in chips with A♠10♦. The board Q♣6♠9♥3♦7♣ was brutal for the Brazilian and he was eliminated.

In Event 94-S: $2,625 Sunday Heater HR [Bounty Turbo], while Rodrigo Seiji took silver for $21,682 and Dennys Ramos finished third for $15,576.

“3bet-sangalo” finished fourth out of 165 entries in the 85-H Event: $840 Crazy Eights Asia, a performance that earned him $11,834.

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