Mateus Carrión and Henrique Zanetti confirmed for day four of WPT World Championship

Mateus Carrión and Henrique Zanetti confirmed for...

Brazil remains in contention for the World Cup, the largest event in WPT history. Mateus Carrión stayed close to the leader and ended Day 3 with 5,300,000 in chips, ranking 12th out of 132 qualifiers.

Henrique Zanaetti is also above the championship average with 2,905,303 points. Once he returns to the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas, he will have 2,950,000 chips to work with.

At the end of the third day, the two said goodbye to compatriot João Simão. The Belo Horizonte pro finished in 222nd place and won $25,500.

Meanwhile, Naj Ajez took the lead with just minutes remaining. According to official reports, he raised 25,000/50,000 from the blind position and BB-anteed the small blind to 250,000. Big Maxime Chilaud then raised to 810,000. Ajez moved all-in for 5,605,000 without a second thought. Chilaud called and showed Q ♦Q♣. With A♠K♦, Ajez was saved by J♣8♥3♠K♠J♥ and took home a pot of 225 BBS.

The 132 qualifiers will return at 5:00pm (BST). Their positions are back. . Blinds are 30,000/60,000, BB stakes, and there are 5 90 minute levels. You can watch a broadcast of the cards shown on WPT YouTube .

Mateus Carrión and Henrique Zanetti confirmed for...

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  • Everett.kohler

    This text provides an update on the performance of Brazilian players in the World Cup of the World Poker Tour (WPT). It mentions the chip counts and rankings of Mateus Carrión and Henrique Zanaetti, as well as the elimination of João Simão. It also highlights a significant hand between Naj Ajez and Maxime Chilaud.

  • Hyatt.danielle

    The text provides a detailed update on the Brazilian players at the World Poker Tour event in Las Vegas, highlighting their successes and setbacks. It also gives information on the current chip counts, upcoming schedule, and how to watch the event live on WPT YouTube.

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