Olívio Gontijo wins triple all in with Q2 in W Series FT

Poker streams featuring Olívio “The Big Fat” Gontijo from the 4Bet poker team in Minas Gerais usually offer plenty of hilarious moments as the pro guides his progress on the field. Of course, the audience will also go crazy for the action.

Using every poker site available to do his research, Olivio joined French site Winamax’s W-Series and, like many Brazilians, he was looking for the big money to be handed out there. In Event #206 with a buy-in of €50, “bigfat” made a decision and played an interesting pay-or-play game.

This happened five hands into the tournament when Olivio held the big blind. The “New World” player moved all-in for 3.74bbs for a $439 bounty starting from the CO. Small blind player “MadeInAbyss5” called 2.6bbs for €939.

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At this point, Olivio started tanking the big blind and suddenly his attention shifted to the idea of ​​calling: “Can I call here? If I do, I’ve got five more raises. I want four drops, but that’s a bounty of 1500. I’ll pay here, but Q2 sucks.

Olivio paid and saw New-World and MadeInAbyss5 duel. Without being dominated, he sees the flop preserve his opponent’s advantage. Since the count is good, it’s his turn to make Olivio happy.

The river was the 1 and Miner completed the full house, knocking out both opponents and taking home €1,378. Celebrating with glee, the pro took the win at the turn and generated another nifty clip. In the end, Olivio won the runner-up with 1,626 entries and received a prize of 7,057 euros.



  • This text discusses a poker stream featuring Olívio The Big Fat Gontijo from the 4Bet poker team. It highlights his interesting gameplay and a memorable win in Event #206, resulting in a runner-up position and a prize of 7,057 euros.

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