Pedro Inglés placed fourth in the Wynn Millions, missing the podium by one spot.

This weekend, Hispanic players were barred from the podium in the two major international tournaments that kept us riveted to our seats. Adrian Mateos placed fourth in the $100,000 Triton Series Vietnam event, while Pedro Ingles duplicated his fourth-place finish in the Las Vegas Wynn Millions.

Six days of play were required for Pedro’s opponents to discover the hand that would eliminate him from the tournament. The Spaniard began the final table in second position, but neither the effective stack nor the little advantages that separated the nine contestants let him to assume anything.

The FT of Pedro did not have much of a tale. Day 4 chipleader Andrew Exposito swiftly regained lost position after Zach Donovan won a 50bb flip.

Exposito, intent on dominating the table, secured another elimination and reclaimed control of the competition. The chipleader’s 3bets left Pedro short, and between the forfeited chips and the passage of the levels, he had dropped quite a few positions in the standings before the first break.

English attempted to use his stack with AJ when the pot already comprised his blind and ante, two of his 18bb, and the table had been considerably more perilous as a result of the growing blinds. Michael Rossitto eliminated AK, and the three-bet that emerged on the river evaporated as the river doubled up.

The table for three was a veritable carousel. Mark Zajdner even had time to recover from sliding to 7bb after dropping KK against AA, and he put up a valiant fight until falling into another setup against Rossitto, who couldn’t even halt the heads-up dance. In the small hours of the morning in Spain, something follows.

Michael Rossito vs Andrew Exposito ($604,637 versus $480,752)

3rd – Mark Zajdner 294,540 4º. Pedro Ingles $208,598 5º. Zachary Donovan $154,279

Sixth – Jacob Powers with $120,367.00. Zhigang Yang $96,706 8º. Kharlin was sued for $80,310. Cliff Ziff $67,765


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