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Leaderboard This year’s Triton Player of the Year award will be known as the Ivan Liao Award in his honor.

A new award, Player of the Year, was introduced at the start of the 2021 season of Triton Poker. An extra $200,000 and a commemorative cup are included. Once known as Triton Player of the Year, this award will be known as the Ivan Liao Award beginning with the next season.

Ivan Liao has been seen at the Triton Poker Series on several occasions. Over his career, he has racked up a number of victories and scores of payouts. He has also always played in high-stakes cash games, many of which have taken place out of the public eye.

In September of last year, Ivan had a heart attack while attending a festival in Cyprus. This occurred just before the last episode of the series. This resulted in the cancellation of recent events by the organizers.

Many fans of the series have fond memories of Ivan Liao. Webster Lim, who took home the top prize at Triton Poker Vietnam, gave all the credit to Liao. The poker pro will thereafter have his or her own individual trophy to commemorate their achievements.

“This is a time for us to honor the amazing impact Ivan has made to the poker world and to convey our sincere gratitude for how he has inspired us all,” stated Andy Wong, CEO of Triton Poker.

Stephen Chidwick, a British poker pro, is among the contenders for the inaugural championship under the new rules. With 2,051 points, he holds a commanding lead over his rivals. Seth Davis, his closest opponent, has 1,696 points. Sam Greenwood, meanwhile, is in third place with 1,690 points.

The following destinations for 2023 will likely number two, with an announcement from organizers coming soon. Chidwick’s lead is substantial, and it will take a lot to catch up to him now that events are consistently winning by larger and larger margins (the attendance record was broken thrice in the first half of the series).


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    This text discusses the introduction of a new award called the Ivan Liao Award for the Triton Player of the Year. It also mentions Ivan Liao’s accomplishments in the poker world, as well as his health scare and the cancellation of recent events. It highlights Stephen Chidwick’s current lead in the competition and notes that the organizers will announce the destinations for 2023 soon.

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