Sergio Aido and Sergi Reixach utilize the empty lobby caused by Triton Series.

The most costly events of the “.com” rooms have been a ringing reflection of the Triton Poker Series Vietnam this past weekend.

The WSOPC High Roller $25k Sunday ULTRA HR of GGPoker was never conceived as a mega-tournament, as its $200k guarantee suggests, but it is true that a review of the list of its 10 participants evokes the memories of several nicks that form the backbone of the tournaments of this price in the Asian operator.

Among the inflated purses and kilometer-long lists of participants in the Vietnam tournaments, there is a lack of Spanish players, with only Adrian Mateos and Ana Marquez willing to play the entire program. Ana Marquez, along with the rest of the America’s Card Room team, had the support of the room’s owner to invest $100,000 in buy-ins.

Several names who have previously followed Amadi in events of comparable magnitude, like as the EPT or the WSOP, or even the Triton, are absent.

Two of them, Sergi Reixach and Sergio Aido, were among the limited capability of 10 individuals who were unfairly compared to the Triton. Due to the fairies, even if the shadow of Paul Phua’s circuit was lengthy, the outcome was unassailable and put a brilliant light on an eminently Spanish heads-up, which divided 100% of the prize pool with “Petgaming,” the victor of the match against “srakgirona,” having a significant edge.

At the weekend’s second High Roller, the Titans Event, the relatively low buy-in of $5,200 and the endorsement of a consolidated Pokerstars festival such as the Bounty Builders Series were sufficient incentives to attract 89 players.

La Roja arrived to the event with a very full squad consisting of “PeroQMaloSoy,” “t4t0PAGAU,” “Nacho124441,” and “Malka$tyle,” who received a single elimination reward of $1,250 in order to reduce the cost of the two bullets they spent on the competition. A number of notable players were eliminated from the prize pool, and “que te crio” represented them at the final table.

True lobby masterpieces like as “hello totti”, “cocojamb0”, and “SerVlaMin” defeated Javier. He brought home a share of $22,649 as a result of his fifth-place finish, for which he only required a couple or three bounties.

#BeYourB@javiFTG has a knife in his mouth.

In addition to previous ITMs, our coach added +$30,000 to the cashier with two fifth-place finishes on Sunday at #ByB.

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– BeYourB (@BeYourBpoker) March 6, 2023

On a more modest but no less complex level of the lobby, Juanki Vecino once again stood out with a double victory, split between GGPoker and Pokerstars in the WSOPC $525 Bounty Hunters HR Encore and the Sunday Marathon $530, respectively.

“juan C. Vecino” placed first in the WSOPC $525 Bounty Hunters HR Encore (208 participants, $21,977).

  • “B4NKR0LL3R,” the winner of the $530 Sunday Marathon (72 participants, $9,056).


  • This text discusses the Triton Poker Series Vietnam and highlights the lack of Spanish players in the tournaments. It also mentions the success of Ana Marquez and Adrian Mateos, as well as the achievements of Juanki Vecino in GGPoker and Pokerstars events. Overall, it provides information about recent poker tournaments and player performances.

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