SSOP to debut four-round circuit in 2023; learn more

The northeastern region of Brazil has been strong in terms of big names in the poker world. One of its main hubs is the state of Bahia, which has hosted a major event in recent years: the PokerStars Series, a popular SSOP that has surpassed the previous Margin set for the series. For 2023, there will be big news for the series.

The established SSOP in the region received a major upgrade this season. Instead of a casual version, SSOP transforms into a poker round with everything it deserves: four stages, high guarantees, partnerships with world giants, leaderboards and more. That’s right: SSOP is now a full circuit event that will make the Bahian poker scene even bigger.

Beto Cavadas, one of the partners and organizers, spoke enthusiastically about the new phase of the SSOP: “The SSOP was already a joint event, but it was sporadically, and now it is an and a prize-giving circuit. It was an adrenaline rush from start to finish, like the best tournaments in Brazil. The challenge was huge, but “the will to implement it was even stronger,” says the entrepreneur.

Beto Cavadas

The tour, now officially SSOP, has four stages, together guaranteeing 1 million reais, which would be a huge challenge for Brazil A very attractive amount for poker in Oia. The first will be held this month. After that, the series will also be held in July, September and December. Participating in this new phase of SSOP Players will compete for the Ranked Champions title, which will be awarded to the top three players on all stages.

The big news comes with other good news. SSOP will now also partner with the world’s largest poker site, GGPoker, to provide players with Better service. The platform has already provided online satellites in the first phase of this year, which should introduce new characters to the track, which tends to get bigger in this new phase.

Beto Cavadas also spoke about the arrival of the prestigious partner: “The partnership with GGPoker has a lot of significance: it demonstrates the credibility and strength of our tournament, brings a qualitative leap to our tournament and most importantly Yes, let SSOP notoriety and recognition” on the national stage, he admits, while also looking forward to the unprecedented movement that will lead to this:

“Players will enjoy unprecedented fun in Bahia, that is, directing a round of poker ! This will inspire a healthy expectation of participating in each race, monitoring the standings to ensure everyone is committed to finishing in the top three by the end of the four stages. Also, in the second stage, we will host the first tournament with the top 18 players from the previous stage, which will provide additional incentives for the participants of our event,” he explained.

The first stage will take place from the 24th to the 28th at the traditional resort of Catussaba, home to the SSOP, the capital of the state of Bahia. The opening of the Tour’s 2023 season will guarantee 250,000 reais and will offer a Tournament schedules for every taste: Texas Hold’em and Omaha, High Roller and Low Roller, Turbo, Ladies and of course the Main Event as its flagship.

All schedule information below .To keep you informed, you can also follow SSOP on Instagram. With many new features, the tour has a lot to offer for 2023. Of course, you can follow everything in the world of poker.


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    This text highlights the growth and development of the poker scene in the northeastern region of Brazil, particularly in the state of Bahia. It mentions the upgrade of the SSOP event, which has become a full circuit with high guarantees, partnerships with major brands, and a leaderboard. The partnership with GGPoker is seen as a significant step that brings credibility and recognition to the tournament, ultimately inspiring enthusiasm and anticipation among players.

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