Statname is an up-to-date poker tracking site.

While playing poker, every player wants to know as much as possible about his opponents. It may be provided in considerably greater quantities by specialized services in addition to trackers. In this piece, we’ll highlight the benefits of one of them called Statname.

Statname is an up-to-date poker tracking site.

Every poker player knows that the more they know about their opponents, the better judgments they can make in the game to maximize their profits and minimize their losses.

Trackers are often used by poker players, but they, too, have their drawbacks, such as a small data set. While playing NLH or PLO, Statname is the superior method for obtaining statistics on any given nickname.

What makes Statname better than other tools of its kind?

In addition to the Starz Network, other rooms supported include the GG Network, IPoker, Chico, Winning, and 888Poker.

More than 4.5 billion hands have been dealt on the platform since 2013 and more than 7 million player handles are stored there.

All limits from $0.01/$0.05 and up are covered across all supported Hold’em and Omaha rooms and networks.

Rapidity—the player’s nick may be pulled directly from the queue and inputted. Users of Google Chrome may take use of a specialized add-on.

You may include it into your poker software of choice; iPoker Tools, WPN Lite Tools, Stars Caption, 888Caption, and many more are all compatible.

Searches up to the NL/PLO25$ limit are free, and the price structure is flexible. Subscription prices start at $10.5 per month for greater restrictions.

Assistance in both Russian and English for any problems with the service.

Top Players is a dedicated area where you can find out for free which players have won or lost the most money in each room within the selected time frame.

Easy and quick access to service.

The last point will be discussed in further depth below.

Interface for Statname

The following components make up the site’s primary window, which is accessible after the player has completed the brief registration process and logged in with their e-mail and password.

Main Course

The Statname Home Page

Entering a player’s nickname into the search window will begin a search for his stats.

In-line menu

Filters for Stat Names

Contains a lot of text. Most importantly, the top one allows you to set filters so that you may see your opponents’ data just during a specified time frame, within a certain limit, and in a specific table format.

A quick summary of the player’s stats (under the nickname you can see when he last played).

Brief player statistic (statname).

3x VPIP BB/100 as a PFR bet

Count of hands Preferred maximum

Gaining a Lot of Money

Numbers and Graphs

Two win distribution graphs, one by time and one by number of hands.


In-depth statistics on stat-name

Includes position, table size, and poker type among more than 20 other statistics shown for each player.


Summative Stat Name Total

Statistics on the number of hands played, money won, blinds per hundred, flops dealt in, outs per hour, and more for various stakes, table sizes, and poker variants.

Monthly Outcomes

Monthly Outcomes for Statname


The doors that Statname throws up for its customers to boost their poker revenue are wide. A detailed analysis of your opponent’s game may be had in a matter of seconds. All these tasks will take as little time as possible, and all the data will be as plain as possible, thanks to the statistical components’ straightforward presentation.

The service’s key benefits are its speed, ease of use, and depth of information. The major reason for having one is so that players can keep track of who is sitting where.




  • This text describes the benefits of using Statname, a specialized poker tracking site, which provides up-to-date statistics on opponents in order to make better judgments and maximize profits in the game. It highlights the site’s extensive data set, compatibility with various poker software, flexible pricing, and user-friendly interface.

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