The Cash Cow Effect 20 Years Later: “I’m Considered the Easy Money Guy.”

The Cash Cow Effect 20 Years Later:

Poker today is not the same as it was twenty years ago. Many of these changes started when an unknown Chris Moneymaker won a WSOP Main Event bracelet, and while he became a millionaire, it wasn’t all roses.

In 2003, the nine players vying for the WSOP Most Precious Event reached the final table, consisting of great pros of the time such as Dan Harrington and Sam Farha, but also Weird Accountants who won seats via satellite, $86 entry fee at PokerStars.

The life of a Moneymaker is not easy.

Recently Moneymaker did an interview where he shared some of his experiences at the time, the first thing he commented on was how people viewed online poker 20 years ago, one must remember that the so-called online poker boom happened thanks to him.

“I was considered the easy money guy.” The pros played me like I was scared, they had no respect for online poker at the time. “Online gaming is synonymous with fish,” he reveals.

It was ultimately experience versus novice, and the accountant won $2.5 million by beating Farha, inadvertently accomplishing a feat that is still imagined today and destined to be repeated by millions of players every year. He also opened the door to a new way of marketing and promoting the online space of finding your next money maker.

“I don’t know” what will happen next. My plan was to go back to work, but little did I know poker would blow up. Then there’s the PokerStars thing, where they pay me $5,000 a month. As an accountant, I only make $40,000 a year. I thought, “If I do nothing, you’re going to pay me $60,000 a year?” Come on! ‘”

Moneymaker’s New Life

Everybody wanted a piece of Moneymaker. He remembers the next year a woman had his face printed on her shirt, walked up to her and passed out. He also admitted that all this madness cost him my first marriage. “My wife didn’t want me to play poker. She wants to work for an accountant. we broke up.

When the Main Event started in 2004, the so-called money tree effect was in full swing. More people wanted to play at the WSOP. The champion himself was late, mobbed by reporters and fans, and unable to find a proper seat. He started the tournament at an 11-handed table, “because there were no chairs, and he was kneeling,” he recalls.

From that moment to today, the now pro Acknowledges that he has also evolved as a player and as a person within the industry. He signed with Americas Cardroom in February 2021 and has created other experiences such as the Moneymaker Poker Tour. He sees himself as an entrepreneur and admits that things have gotten tougher.

“I don’t feel the same way I did 18 years ago. “The game just got harder. It’s good to know that I’m going to go down in history as a move that bears his name. But is that good? No, it’s not, I wouldn’t use that word. Sometimes it’s great and satisfying, but sometimes it’s not so good,” he concluded in a lengthy interview with

The Cash Cow Effect 20 Years Later:

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