The first event at Triton Poker Vietnam was won by Webster Lim.

At the first Triton Poker Vietnam event, Webster Lim came out on top and credited his triumph to Ivan Liao.

Yesterday marked the conclusion of the first Vietnam leg of the Triton Poker series. The first GG Super Millions race kicked off the festivities. The initial buy-in was $25,000, and it was hosted for the first time in a live format. There were still 166 people that entered the competition despite the exorbitant entry fee. The previous record for Triton Poker attendance was 131, so this is a significant increase in interest.

Hundreds of businesspeople who don’t mind spending a lot of money on tournament entry fees joined the top players in the world at the tables.

Artur Martirosyan, a Russian poker player, qualified for the tournament through PokerOK’s satellites. The Russian, though, gave up on the first day and never made it to the reward zone.

One of the few women at the table was Sosia Jiang, a veteran of previous Triton Poker series events.

Fighting about who would win the championship didn’t last long. Webster Lim was victorious and now owns all of the pricey trophies in the set in his bank account. Lim won first place and was awarded $965,000. The poker player’s victory was dedicated to Ivan Liau, who had just departed tragically during a festival in Cyprus.

“I told all of my closest friends about us. In other words, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for him. Let me add that I’m dedicating this triumph to him. Ivan, this is for you. Sorry I haven’t been in touch, “This prompted a remark from Webster.

In the final table, the following prizes were awarded:

Webster Lim was paid $965,000.

The sum of $653,600 has been allotted to Roman Hrabec.

Payout for Chris Brewer is $435,500.

357 thousand dollars went to Seth Davis.

The sum of $286,300 was awarded to Nicholas Petrangelo.

For Sosia Jiang, the sum total was $222,000.

Award of $164,000 to Michael Soyza.

Price: $121,000 for Jonathan Jaffe.

By March 13th, you may still participate in events with buy-ins as high as $100,000 and the first Triton Poker Mystery Bounty event.


  • This text provides a summary of the first Triton Poker Vietnam event, highlighting Webster Lim as the winner and crediting his success to Ivan Liao. The event had a record-breaking number of participants, including top players and wealthy businesspeople, with Webster dedicating his victory to Liao, who had passed away.

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