The PokerOK player “Alin76poker” earned a $1,000,000 Mega Bounty jackpot.

The Mega Bounty Jackpot is one of PokerOK’s finest promotions in the poker room. This is an exclusive promotion for all poker room knockout events (with the exception of Mystery Bounty). By eliminating their opponents from the game, the gambler has a one percent chance of winning up to one million dollars.

The most recent winner of the $1,000,000 jackpot was a Brazilian player known as “Ultra Celta” in the WSOPC Series: Bounty Hunters MAIN EVENT with a $54 buy-in last December.

The first Mega Bounty jackpot of the year was won that same night. The Romanian poker player Alin76poker earned $1,000,000 in the $150 WSOPC Series PLO Bounty Main Event after defeating his opponent.

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In the fatal hand, the following cards were dealt to “Alin76poker:” 9♥️-6♦️-5♣️-3♦️. On the flip of 7-3-6, the Romanian raised substantially, forcing his Ukrainian opponent to go all-in. Messi15062020, a poker player from Ukraine, had Q-Q-J-8. The final board resembled the following: 7♠️-3♠️-6♥️-K♦️-4♣️. With a straight versus a pair of queens, the Romanian poker player won the pot.

“Alin76poker” went on to play and finished eighth in the event, winning $325 and a staggering one million dollar prize. Considering the tournament buy-in, the poker player finished the session with a profit of $1,0175, his largest of his career.

The Mega Bounty Jackpot offer is still running on PokerOK, so don’t miss out on your opportunity to win record-breaking rewards! Best wishes at the tables!

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