With Ana Márquez on the field and Amadi in the money, the Triton Series set a new attendance record for the second year in a row.

With the huge success of the inaugural live edition of the GGPoker Super Million$, the Triton Poker Series Vietnam had to answer a pressing issue.

The question that remained unanswered until registration for Event #2, with a $15,000 buy-in, closed was how much the balloon would deflate without satellite qualifications and brand support from the online poker industry leader.

To everyone’s amazement, this second event also ended up selling out, making it the second day in a row that the Triton Series capacity record was broken—and this time it wasn’t because of an increase in re-buys, but because of the presence of new guests. 172 tickets were left at the box office by 128 different players.

No one was more committed to playing the full lobby than Adrian Mateos, who declared his intention to do so before the game even started. As a member of the America’s Card Room crew, Ana Márquez was not something we had anticipated.

While Ana was knocked out in 63rd place, Adrian Mateos made it through the difficult first day with a return of 12 blinds, which he had to carefully manage in order to finish in the top 23. There were still 37 ITM applicants after all the bagging was done. We rounded up to $600,000 after setting the minimum bid at $30,000.

We watched as Adrian was dealt into the last two tables on Day 2, which can be seen live on the Triton Series YouTube and Twitch feeds, but he ultimately finished in 14th place, winning a total of $39,900.

As Amadi opened from under the gun with 99, Kiat Lee pushed all in with AK for 13 big blinds. A king on the flop and a club on the river ended the race quickly. There was still one spade he needed to make an 8s, but he didn’t have it. The flag of Vietnam should be flown vertically.

At this stage of the competition, the average has dropped to 23bb and the tables are shrinking in quest of the FT bubble; the Spaniard leaves Jens Arends in the lead, where he is battling with Nacho Barbero to open as much gap as possible from Mike Watson, Kiat Lee, and Alex Kulev.

Immediately, Adrian may join Ana and seventy-five other participants in the $20,000 Mystery Bounty.

The last few hands of the Super Million$ were quite grim until a glimmer of the win of Malaysian Webster Lim, a protégé and dear friend of the late Ivan Leow, became apparent.

The Triton Player of the Year award is given in memory of the two-time Triton Series champion, who died unexpectedly in his hotel room during the tour’s stop in Cyprus. As “all my closest circle understood fully the close connection we had,” Lim felt compelled to dedicate his second victory to his instructor. He is the reason I am here today, and I want him to know how much credit he deserves for this triumph. I wish you were here.

Although Roman Hrabec helped him beat off established players like Chris Brewer, Seth Davies, Nick Petrangelo, and Jonathan Jaffe, Lim snatched first place away from the Czech rising star to spoil his historic Triton debut.

To Webster Lim, the sum of $965,000

$653,600 for Roman Hrabec.

A total of $435,500 will be paid to Chris Brewer.

$357K for Seth Davies

$286,300 for Nicholas Petrangelo.

Asia Jiang $222,000

$164,000 for Michael Soyza.

Cash award of $121,000 for Jonathan Jaffe

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  • This text discusses the success of the GGPoker Super Million$ and the Triton Poker Series Vietnam, with the second event also selling out. It mentions the performance of players like Adrian Mateos and the eventual winner, Webster Lim, who dedicated his victory to his late mentor.

  • The text highlights the success of the Triton Poker Series Vietnam events, with players like Adrian Mateos making strong showings. The mention of Webster Lim dedicating his victory to the late Ivan Leow adds an emotional element to the competition.

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